About us

Quick Tech Lab wants to be a multidisciplinary company-laboratory specializing in various branches of computer and electrical sciences. We are mainly interested in software design technologies, cyber security, in particular the analysis of the vulnerabilities of the network infrastructures of large companies especially in the banking and finance sector. Machine learning, simulation and network analysis electrics are one of our areas of interest. We also propose to conduct theoretical and experimental research in these aforementioned fields to lead to the filing of patents and to advance the scientific knowledge. Q Tech Lab has an e-learning platform for training and popularization of knowledge in our sectors of activity. Our educational approach also aims setting up a scientific conference. Our laboratory has a large network of engineers and teacher-researchers trained and officiated in the best Canadian, Russian, French and Brazilian universities

Software Engineering

We work in Qt / C ++, Laravel / PHP, Django / Python, Flutter / Dart etc.

Cyber security

Kali Linux is our Swiss army knife for penetration testing of your networks and vulnerability analysis of your websites.

Machine learning

Keras and TensorFlow are our main tools, but we also use markov chains and inference engines to model intelligent systems

Theoretical research

Our fields of research cover the theory of programming languages, agent systems, network optimization, SDNs, modeling of staochastic processes, etc.

Computer networking

GNS3 and other emulators are our workhorses for modeling and analyzing computer networks

Electrical networks

We use several electrical network simulators including those developed in-house for the analysis of electrical networks


We offer courses in different branches of computer science and electricity, particularly in algorithms and data structures, C/C ++ programming, python, general electricity etc ...

Scientific conferences

Our annual conference allows young scientists and practitioners to publicly exhibit their work to the scientific community.

Our Expert Team
Marc Aurèle DJEGUEDE
Director of the IT branch. Software and IT engineer. Lecturer at the Ecole Supérieure de Génie Civil (ESGC-VAK) Cotonou. PhD candidate in Computer Science and theoretical informatics at RUDN University of Moscow in the department of information technologies.

HOUANKPO Hector Gibson Kinmanhon
HOUANKPO Hector Gibson Kinmanhon PhD. Physical, Mathematical and Natural Sciences. Statistician. Data Scientist. General Director of the company Quick-Tech-Lab

Bienvenue Moualé Moutouama
Bienvenue MOUALE Moutouama Ph.D. student of the Department of Applied Informatics and Probability Theory of RUDN(Moscow). Developer web/mobil. DataScientist. Managing partner of Quick-Tech-Lab

Ulrich Mahunan MONTCHO
Ulrich Mahunan MONTCHO Medical resident in Endocrinology and Metabolism Subspecialty in Moscow. Managing partner of Quick-Tech-Lab


Contacts: contact@quicktechlab.org / +7 977 877 84 33